A Worthy Challenge

Treat as many people with cancer as possible.

Our Story

At PharmaEssentia, we believe that in order to make change in the world, we have to do more than just dream big — we have to have the courage to defy expectations and challenge the status quo. Since 2003, we’ve been doing just that, with a vision to be essential in the cancer community. This is a goal that started well before PharmaEssentia, when founder Dr. Ko-Chung Lin began working with interferons and pegylation in the 1990s, inspired to see them achieve their full potential.

Continuing to Ask “What if?”

Our company started by bringing together leading scientists from the U.S., Taiwan, and beyond to consider questions like this: What if we could finally unleash the full power and potential of interferon? Led by Dr. Ko-Chung Lin, our founders instilled a commitment to improving treatment paradigms and changing what’s possible for people with cancer.