Our Science

Developing novel solutions with pioneering science

PharmaEssentia is working to rewrite the paradigm of early treatment of myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs). Grounded in our scientific team’s deep expertise, our novel technology platform has the potential to redefine treatment approaches for a range of hematologic diseases by realizing the potential of proven hematology/oncology therapies.

In 2022, we were recognized as “Therapeutics Solution of the Year” by the BioTech Breakthrough Awards.

A new perspective on interferons

Interferons are among the most recognized and well-studied therapies for a range of malignant diseases. But physicians have been hesitant to use interferons for treating early-stage, progressive malignancies such as MPNs.

PharmaEssentia is taking a fresh approach. We’re optimizing the profile of a novel interferon therapy with the goal of giving physicians a new tool to intervene at the early stages of MPNs.

A novel technology platform

Our scientific team combines pioneering expertise in interferons with innovative pegylation technology with the goal of optimizing treatment profiles for MPNs. This has led to the invention and development of an investigational therapy, Ropeginterferon alfa-2b (P1101), a mono-pegylated proline interferon with enhanced pharmacokinetic properties.