Patient Stories

From voices to vision.

Reshaping the blood cancer treatment landscape starts with understanding the complex ways that these conditions impact daily life. PharmaEssentia is actively collaborating with people in the MPN community to ensure their stories are told and their voices are heard. These personal accounts are essential to informing, educating and advocating on behalf of people living with MPNs, ultimately creating a community that can better support their needs.

Developed in partnership with MPN Advocacy & Education International, the below stories feature a diverse group of people living with PV who share their personal experiences.


Buzz was living with worsening symptoms for years before he was finally diagnosed with PV. Once he was able to pinpoint the cause of these physical and mental challenges, advocating for his own health and finding a specialist he could partner with were critical steps in moving forward with his disease and changing his outlook on life.

Meet Buzz.


Deb felt she was the picture of health before her PV diagnosis. But in hindsight, the signs and symptoms had been there, she just didn’t know why. Deb doesn’t let PV define her and has learned to cope with her disease through the power of music.

Meet Deb.


At first, Patti wasn’t willing to admit that her life was changing because of her PV diagnosis and continued to push herself to live a very active lifestyle. In time and with great support from her family, whom she calls her “co-survivors,” she learned to trust the journey she was on and move forward with peace.

Meet Patti.


Having been previously misdiagnosed and dealing with a range of health challenges, Steven learned how important it is to take an active approach when it comes to managing his PV. He encourages others to educate themselves and feel empowered to make decisions alongside their healthcare provider when it comes to care, and he’s dedicated to advocating for the MPN community.

Meet Steven.